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How can I get my spouse to respond to simple requests?: Listen here

The TOP resources we recommend for marriage, family, life: Listen here

Putting adventure, surprise (not shock) and fun into marriage!: Listen here

How can we keep from having a CHILD centered marriage?: Listen here

Do my husband and I need MENTORING or COUNSELING?: Listen here

Submission – what it looks like!: Listen here

Growing through trials employing spiritual and practical tips.: Listen here

Finding our way out of burn-out!: Listen here

My parents don’t support my marriage. How can I get them to be supportive?: Listen here

How to communicate with Fiancé about his negative talk about his parents: Listen here

Advice for the bride and groom: Listen here

Living together before marriage? What’s the big issue?: Listen here

Should we get married with such little in common?: Listen here

You can’t tell me how to feel!: Listen here

Vacation and Times away BOND a husband and wife and their family!: Listen here

Submission: Listen here

Watch your tone with me! (communications!): Listen here

How to manage marriage, family, and work travel (Part II): Listen here

How to manage marriage, family, and work travel: Listen here

For Better or Worse: Caring for our spouse when they’re injured or ill: Listen here

When a couple and their backgrounds clash!: Listen here

The 3 aspects of COMMITMENT in marriage: Listen here

How to strengthen COMPANIONSHIP in marriage: Listen here

What to do when your spouse doesn’t acknowledge the positive changes you’ve made: Listen here

The 5 Steps to ONENESS: Listen here

The natural drift to isolation in marriage: Listen here

3 questions that could transform your marriage: Listen here

Communicating our desires and needs without shutting our spouse down or making them feel defensive: Listen here

ALL marriages should expect inevitable difficulties (conflict, challenges, and trials): Listen here

5 ways to Stop Fighting: Listen here

5 ways to get out of a rut: Listen here

What Causes Couples to Drift to Adultery and the Consequences of Adultery: Listen here

How to approach and confront a friend headed for an affair: Listen here

How to respond with a blessing instead of an insult: Listen here

Boundaries: Listen here

Positive parenting tips: Listen here

How can we TOGETHER as a couple embrace the New Year?: Listen here

What’s a couple to do when no one wants to have the holidays? Listen here

Naughty or Nice: Strengthening YOUR Marriage by How You Act at Holiday Work, Church, Etc. Gatherings: Listen here

Strengthening YOUR Marriage Through the Holidays – Dealing with Relatives and Relationships: Naughty or Nice?: Listen here

Actions Speak Louder than Words: Naughty or Nice?: Listen here

Making Marriage Matter through the Holidays: Communicating Well: Naughty or Nice?: Listen here

When rebuilding a marriage how do we know if we are being controlling or just cautious in setting boundaries?: Listen here

When you don’t care for one of your spouse’s friends: Listen here

Regaining trust in your marriage (Part Two): Listen here

Regaining trust in your marriage (Part One): Listen here

Negative affects on marriage by a busy schedule!: Listen here

The Empty Nest: Listen here

HOW YOU Can Affair Proof Your Marriage: Protect Your Time, Treasures, and Self!: Listen here

How YOU Can Affair Proof YOUR Marriage: Protecting YOUR Heart: Listen here

How YOU Can Affair Proof YOUR Marriage: Start with YOUR MIND: Listen here

What to share with each other before Marriage: Listen here

Are you listening to me?: Listen here

Affairs in marriage (Martialism, career, and activities) – Part 2: Listen here

Affairs in marriage (physical, fantasy and family) – Part 1: Listen here

NEEDY MOTHER in LAW: Listen here

Working AND Living together: Needing a break: Listen here

Having FUN in marriage! Listen here

Explosive anger in marriage: Listen here

“Should couples take separate vacations?” Listen here

Sports and its place in marriage: Listen here

Living Together Before Marriage and High Divorce Rate: Listen here

Long Distance Relationships: Listen here

Manners in Marriage – should we correct each other?: Listen here

“We want to protect our marriage. Are there times when marriages are most vulnerable to falling apart?”: Listen here

“How should we handle families that are unsupportive?”: Listen here

Couple Contemplating Marriage with Difficult Backgrounds and Present Issues: Listen here

Husband’s Abusive Language: Listen here

Couples Working Opposite Shifts, Kids, and the Strain!: Listen here

Newlywed Conflict – How much is normal?: Listen here

Marriage is Hard Work: Listen here

Adult Children: Coming Back Home to Live?: Listen here

Second marriage-Does Spouse or Children Come First?: Listen here

Don’t Let Conflict of Adult Children Affect Your Marriage: Listen here

Biggest Reasons for Divorce: Listen here

Making Time for Spouse, Family, Work and Ministry: Listen here

How to show LOVE and RESPECT: Listen here

Should Couples Share/Enjoy Same Hobbies? Listen here

How to STOP Pushing Each others Buttons! Listen here

PORNOGRAPHY: Same as Adultery? Reason for Divorce? Listen here

Developing TRANSPARENCY in MARRIAGE: Listen here

Quantity of sex in marriage: Listen here

Expectation of husband sharing in chores around the house: Listen here

Snuggling (or not) During Sleep/Night Time: Listen here

“Caution on 50 SHADES OF GREY: Listen here

Pornography Struggles Listen here

Processing our thoughts outward verbally or inward silently….how to balance it all! Listen here

Nagging: Listen here

Accountability. Listen here

Family wants to SIMPLIFY family Christmas: Listen here

Engaged question: Can I live without him?: Listen here

THE HIGH MAINTENANCE Spouse: Listen here

DEPRESSION in marriage: Listen here

When Past Issues Surface that were Never Discussed Before Marriage: Listen here

Linking Words with Actions: Listen here

Communications- in Marriage: Importance of Words AND Actions: Listen here

Couples in crisis mode: for real or for attention?: Listen here

Small and simple MIS-communications (like being late!): Listen here

When couples communicate well: Listen here

Paying off debt before staring a family? A good choice or not?: Listen here

Dating and Submission: Listen here

Submission: When does it begin?: Listen here

When we can’t talk freely and openly. Listen here

When Our Negative Words STOP Communication: Listen here

How can a couple “go the distance” in their marriage?: Listen here

Couple lives miles apart-good or bad idea?: Listen here

What to do with the baggage we bring into our marriage: Listen here

Living Together to pay off debts before Marrying: Listen here

His first marriage…her third…Listen here

“Procrastinator” vs. the “Do-er”: Listen here

“Will my future husband turn out like his dad?”: Listen here

Feeling Less Attracted to My Future Spouse: Listen here

Does My Happiness Trump Caring for My Spouse Through “Sickness and Health” and “For Better or Worse”?…Listen here

Dating couple with really different personalities….Listen here

Pre-married Sleeping Arrangements: Listen here

Tired Mom(with young children) Not Interested in Sexual Intimacy…Listen here

“My spouse is very quiet, saying little or nothing when we’re out…it drives me crazy!” Listen here

Couple Wants to Quit Their Disappointing 2 Year Marriage. Listen here

I don’t like my spouse very much and want “out” of this marriage. Listen here

Career Affair: A work, money or heart issue?: Listen here

Expressing Feelings: Listen here

Marriage ENHANCEMENT needed – not an OVERHAUL!: Listen here

Biological Father devastated when told he’d walk his daughter down the aisle with the Step-Father: Listen here

“I need to know what ‘feelings’ are – my wife says I don’t have any!”: Listen here

When One Spouse Keeps Re-Setting the “Bar” – Changing Expectations: Listen here

Remarriage and concerns about “IT” happening again: Listen here

Intimacy-Quality? Quantity? Listen here

Marital Stresses When Parenting Special Needs: Listen here

Showing Love Year Round: Listen here

Frustrations in marriage with Social Media: Listen here

How to Work through a Disagreement: Listen Here

Making Our Spouse a Priority in the Everyday Busy-ness: Listen here

Strengthen marriage with men’s ministry and women’s ministry: Listen here

Thinking before speaking: Listen here

Planning goals for the NEW YEAR: Listen here

How to AFFIRM our spouse: Listen here

“Keeping up Appearances, While Covering up an Affair….”: Listen here

Do we need to YELL to communicate?: Listen here

Is Marriage for US? (Dating couple asks after dating for 4 years): Listen here

Second Marriage Priorities: Listen Here

Singles and Dating: Listen Here

Difficult Couple Needs Help in our Small Group: Listen here

Spouse Faces Chaos and Cruelty in Marriage: Listen here

Couple Disagrees about the Purchasing of Gifts: Listen here

Friendships in Marriage: Listen here

Financial/Inheritance Considerations for a Second Marriage: Listen here

The Wife says, “He just Doesn’t get it!”: Listen here

Blended Family Challenges (Death of Both Spouses, not Divorce): Listen here

Connecting Sexually but Not Emotionally: Listen here

When the Topic of GOD Should be Brought up in a Dating Relationship: Listen here