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I think I married the wrong person.: Listen here

WCRF celebrates 60 years!: Listen here

How to establish meal and family times amidst busy work schedules: Listen here

How do we initiate prayer as a couple when the husband isn’t the one who likes to lead in this?: Listen here

The strain of caring for an elderly parent/child with special needs child: Listen here

Why get married if you aren’t pregnant or already have a child?: Listen here

When one spouse “goes over the top” over EVERYTHING: Listen here

Communication is ALWAYS a challenge: Listen here

Wanting to keep our spouse healthy without nagging: Listen here

Young family with 3 little children: husband would like his wife to be home with them-she wants to work full time: Listen here

Over 60, living together, not wanting to marry and lose SS benefits from late spouses: Listen here

Important things to keep marriage interesting and fun: Listen here

When one’s spouse is indifferent, uncaring, uninterested: Listen here

When your marriage is in a fast downward spiral: Listen here

Navigating crisis: Listen here

Teaching our kids how to treat other kindly (no harassing, heckling or bullying allowed!): Listen here

Couples addressing and being on the same page regarding “sassy” talk from their children: Listen here

Stopping whining and interrupting in children: Listen here

Disciplining children so it doesn’t take a toll on the marriage (today’s topic: children lying): Listen here

Do I have to account for every penny I spend?: Listen here

Supporting our spouse (to accomplish their dreams but also through crisis).: Listen here

ABUSE: Listen here

What a true and sincere apology looks like: Listen here

WHAT TO FOCUS on when in conflict/engaging in conflict: Listen here

Conflict resolution goals: Listen here

When your spouse spews ANGER!: Listen here

Teenagers have us running everywhere; how do we find time for US?: Listen here

Should a spouse curb “extracurricular” hobbies if it’s interfering with the marriage?: Listen here

How do we handle it when grandparents play favorites, don’t keep their word, or don’t make efforts to see the grandchildren?: Listen here

WHAT does a HEALTHY marriage look like?: Listen here

How do we move forward when our spouse tells us, “I never really loved you.”?: Listen here

When a couple’s marriage is challenged by HOW to discipline their children: Listen here

What to do when your spouse is habitually late: Listen here

We CAN move our dull, lifeless and isolated marriage to vibrant oneness: Listen here

Helping one’s spouse recognize when they are favoring one child over another: Listen here

When Extended Family Doesn’t Cooperate with Others Wishes: Listen here

How to be KIND even when we annoy each other!: Listen here

Tired of dating breakups!: Listen here

You can do SOMETHING for Valentines Day!: Listen here

STOP talking UGLY to each other: Listen here

How to keep marriage strong when children are challenging it through rebellion: Listen here

Don’t push my “hot button”!: Listen here

Milestones and Celebrations through Seasons of Marriage: Listen here

Embrace challenges?: Listen here

Hospitality at the holidays as we “welcome” non-Christians to our homes: Listen here

Figuring out who goes where at the holidays: Listen here

Learning to meet more than just the physical needs of our spouse is important: Listen here

How do we figure out who does what as far as our roles and responsibilities?: Listen here

When the husband isn’t taking care or interest in finances, wills, etc. for their young family…: Listen here

Working through forgiveness after the wife affair.: Listen here

How can this wife stop name-calling and showing anger?: Listen here

Who’s in charge with the planning?: Listen here

How #metoo is affecting our marriage and what to do about it: Listen here

GOOD reasons young people shouldn’t give up on the idea (commitment/covenant) of marriage: Listen here

How to set boundaries during engagement in preparation to protect ones marriage.: Listen here

Is it OK for a married couple to NOT sleep together?: Listen here

How should a couple decide how to handle uninvited guests?: Listen here

How can I get my spouse to respond to simple requests?: Listen here

The TOP resources we recommend for marriage, family, life: Listen here

Putting adventure, surprise (not shock) and fun into marriage!: Listen here

How can we keep from having a CHILD centered marriage?: Listen here

Do my husband and I need MENTORING or COUNSELING?: Listen here

Submission – what it looks like!: Listen here

Growing through trials employing spiritual and practical tips.: Listen here

Finding our way out of burn-out!: Listen here

My parents don’t support my marriage. How can I get them to be supportive?: Listen here

How to communicate with Fiancé about his negative talk about his parents: Listen here

Advice for the bride and groom: Listen here

Living together before marriage? What’s the big issue?: Listen here

Should we get married with such little in common?: Listen here

You can’t tell me how to feel!: Listen here

Vacation and Times away BOND a husband and wife and their family!: Listen here

Submission: Listen here

Watch your tone with me! (communications!): Listen here

How to manage marriage, family, and work travel (Part II): Listen here

How to manage marriage, family, and work travel: Listen here

For Better or Worse: Caring for our spouse when they’re injured or ill: Listen here

When a couple and their backgrounds clash!: Listen here

The 3 aspects of COMMITMENT in marriage: Listen here

How to strengthen COMPANIONSHIP in marriage: Listen here

What to do when your spouse doesn’t acknowledge the positive changes you’ve made: Listen here

The 5 Steps to ONENESS: Listen here

The natural drift to isolation in marriage: Listen here

3 questions that could transform your marriage: Listen here

Communicating our desires and needs without shutting our spouse down or making them feel defensive: Listen here

ALL marriages should expect inevitable difficulties (conflict, challenges, and trials): Listen here

5 ways to Stop Fighting: Listen here

5 ways to get out of a rut: Listen here

What Causes Couples to Drift to Adultery and the Consequences of Adultery: Listen here

How to approach and confront a friend headed for an affair: Listen here

How to respond with a blessing instead of an insult: Listen here

Boundaries: Listen here

Positive parenting tips: Listen here

How can we TOGETHER as a couple embrace the New Year?: Listen here

What’s a couple to do when no one wants to have the holidays? Listen here

Naughty or Nice: Strengthening YOUR Marriage by How You Act at Holiday Work, Church, Etc. Gatherings: Listen here

Strengthening YOUR Marriage Through the Holidays – Dealing with Relatives and Relationships: Naughty or Nice?: Listen here

Actions Speak Louder than Words: Naughty or Nice?: Listen here

Making Marriage Matter through the Holidays: Communicating Well: Naughty or Nice?: Listen here

When rebuilding a marriage how do we know if we are being controlling or just cautious in setting boundaries?: Listen here

When you don’t care for one of your spouse’s friends: Listen here

Regaining trust in your marriage (Part Two): Listen here

Regaining trust in your marriage (Part One): Listen here

Negative affects on marriage by a busy schedule!: Listen here

The Empty Nest: Listen here

HOW YOU Can Affair Proof Your Marriage: Protect Your Time, Treasures, and Self!: Listen here

How YOU Can Affair Proof YOUR Marriage: Protecting YOUR Heart: Listen here

How YOU Can Affair Proof YOUR Marriage: Start with YOUR MIND: Listen here

What to share with each other before Marriage: Listen here

Are you listening to me?: Listen here

Affairs in marriage (Martialism, career, and activities) – Part 2: Listen here

Affairs in marriage (physical, fantasy and family) – Part 1: Listen here

NEEDY MOTHER in LAW: Listen here

Working AND Living together: Needing a break: Listen here

Having FUN in marriage! Listen here

Explosive anger in marriage: Listen here

“Should couples take separate vacations?” Listen here

Sports and its place in marriage: Listen here

Living Together Before Marriage and High Divorce Rate: Listen here

Long Distance Relationships: Listen here

Manners in Marriage – should we correct each other?: Listen here

“We want to protect our marriage. Are there times when marriages are most vulnerable to falling apart?”: Listen here

“How should we handle families that are unsupportive?”: Listen here